Knitwear Design


I started designing for myself. Being petite, I tend to shape most of my designs to produce a well-tailored cut. Although knitted fabric is naturally stretchy, I like to see a well fitting garment. Not too tight and no lumps or bumps in the wrong places.

I can be inspired by almost anything. A yarn texture sparks an association, or a colour stirs a memory. For years I have made mental notes of things I like; my inspiration comes naturally, and is almost an instinctive process.

I design for all aspects of life from garments to wear while doing your shopping to eveningwear. I love making beautiful things. Things to be kept and treasured. Classy, flattering designs that make you feel good when you wear them.

Knitting is such a traditional media and we're used to seeing it used in a familiar way. I really enjoy taking a traditional garment and giving it a modern twist.