Spinning Wheels

The Georgian Great Wheel

The Georgian Great Wheel is the culmination of a family's passion for woodwork, metalwork and spinning. Or perhaps, it was just a daughter asking her Dad and husband to make her a spinning wheel.

The Georgian Great Wheel was inspired by the Aberdovey great wheel circa 1700-1850. This wheel was acquired by Charles Wade and is on display at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire.

The construction of the spinning wheel uses traditional woodworking methods true to the original, however how it functions has been a key objective. For this reason the spinning wheel uses bearings, a steel wheel axle and precision silver steel spindle. It runs like an absolute dream.

The three legs support a sloping bench which provides a stable platform to spin from. The bench has two vertical pegs so that rolags or tops can be stored and easily picked up while spinning. The tensioning handle and wooden screw adjusts the angle of the batts head and pressure on the drive band. The silver steel spindle runs on leather bearings and is driven via a single speed worl. The wheel rim is made from two pieces of timber, cold-laid to the spokes and secured using copper nails. The wheel runs on sealed bearings and is attached the pylon with a steel axle.

The Georgian Great Wheel